Thursday, December 14, 2006

Film: Chinatown.

One of those movies I fell asleep during in my high school film studies class. Don't blame me, blame the fact that it started at 8 am and I rarely went to bed before 4.

Here are the things of particular interest to me (oh I just love lists):
  • wet/dry as a stand in for dark/light in a film shot in color (though some of that dark/light is still there)
  • public municipalities conspiracy as thrilling fodder for detective drama
  • how Faye Dunaway is gorgeous, and then strangely grotesque within moments of each other (teeth, bare skin, forehead)
  • Polanski's interest in (fetish for?) rotting food--see Repulsion
  • what it means to lose exactly one shoe
  • Jack Nicholson's disarming hotness
  • John Huston, in general

    directed by Roman Polanski, 1974
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