Thursday, March 01, 2007

St. David's Day

Waverly Fitzgerald has a great post over at the Living in Season blog about the daffodil and St. David's Day, which is today.

The mention of daffodils reminded me (as I commented on Waverly's post) of spring on campus. Daffodils bloom all along the hills--I have several memories of walking to and from class, just astounded by how beautiful they make everything look. This is the first spring in four years that I'm not walking to class and getting to revel in that beauty. I miss school sometimes more than I like to admit. I miss having a sense of community firmly rooted in a physical location (and an enchantingly beautiful one at that).

For now, I'm lucky that I can go back and blend in fairly easily, or run into friends and chat. Maybe when it stops raining here, I'll go spend a few peaceful hours in my favorite spots on campus.

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