Saturday, July 07, 2007

Film: The Great Harry Potter (Re)Watch

All four movies in just a few days. I had only previously seen the first two, and read the first three books. Still like the first two films, but my goodness am I glad they started getting new directors.

Alfonso Cuaron is, of course, a genius in my book and has turned in the best complete package so far. The kids are all super-attractive, messy like real people, fun and funny like the kids you actually want to hang out with, and the colors are gorgeous.

The fourth film was a spectacle, all about the giant tableau (Quidditch World Cup) and Ralph Fiennes. These things are perfectly alright with me. Ron and the twins just keep getting cuter. But then there is that terribly sad ending, and it becomes so awfully real. Real hurt. The only turn things should have taken.

Mainly I am excited for the fifth movie--I don't know what happens, and I like that. I am up for being surprised.

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