Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Ew, Big Media

So a quick look at some lists of companies owned by the media Big Six has led me down a path of endless research, checking and re-checking Wikipedia to find out just who owns what. Whose pockets am I really lining when I plunk down $10 for a movie in the theate?

I've decided to boycott all the struck companies listed by the WGA on their site. Except for possibly a few films that I've been dying to see since before the strike was even looming.

The saddest part about this is that I now have to boycott favorite things like Amazon (partially owned by Time Warner), HarperCollins (owned by News Corp), and yes, even my beloved Television Without Pity (recently bought by Bravo, which is in turned owned by General Electric). Actually, I'm sticking to the TV rule for TWoP, so my boycott starts when the networks run out of new episodes of my shows (as the site will stop having recaps for them).

In the meantime, I'm compiling this super-huge list of companies owned by the media Big Six, which I will eventually post here.

I'll also be posting links to things I find on the web, like film shorts, that are keeping me fulfilled while the storytellers I love take a break to fight for their rights.

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