Saturday, February 24, 2007

Graphic Novel: Runaways vol. 3: The Good Die Young

by Brian K. Vaughan et al (2004).

My landlord bought me both fullsize hardback volumes of Runaways, which is the coolest thing ever, because they are not cheap and I never would have gotten them myself.

So I read the last third of the first series, and it was awesome. I always feel like the completion of a story is never as exciting as the beginning of one, so you have to judge them by different standards (unless we're talking about the movie Serenity--it's the only exception to the rule I can think of). That's the case here--the final third wasn't quite as exciting as the opening, but there were some fantastic moments. I am totally in love with Chase, like I want one of my own. I didn't the twist coming, until I did, but even then it was still fun.

Also, the art looks way better on a full page, with room to breathe. I can't wait to break into my other hardback volume.

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