Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Graphic Novel: Runaways vol.2: Teenage Wasteland

by Brian K. Vaughan et al (2004).

I tore through the middle section of this trilogy, giggling loudly from pure fucking glee. I love love love the dialogue here. The vampire plot struck me as a little silly, but ultimately yielded some good moments ("Whedon got it wrong!"). But, in true comic book geek fashion, I got unnecessarily excited when Cloak and Dagger showed up. I'm starting to jump on the bandwagon of superhero-trainspotting. It's fun!

Anyway, I consider myself now totally hooked on this series, and I'll probably go ahead and invest in the big hardbacks at some point. If I could catch up fast enough, I'd love to start reading monthly, especially now that Joss Whedon is taking over writing duties.

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