Saturday, June 23, 2007

AthFest: Friday night

Jenny and I left after rush hour, sweat through the entire air conditioner-less drive, dropped our stuff at Kristy's, and then walked downtown. The streets were full of people, the vibe was pretty exciting, and the music was good (but I have no clue who was playing the outdoor stages). We picked up our wristbands, grabbed dinner at The Grit, and then walked back to the 40 Watt for our first show of the weekend, Madeline.

I discovered Madeline through a music blog, I think, but I can't really remember. All I know is I love her, and she was the one show I absolutely had to see. We missed the first few minutes, but the rest of the set was amazing. She's pretty small, and her stuff is not loud by any means, but she commanded the crowd's attention. It was really easy to listen and get lost in her music.

After that, we headed over to Little Kings to see Venice is Sinking. Unfortunately, the patio was packed, so they weren't letting anyone in. We ended up watching the show from the grass strip between the sidewalk and the street, behind the band. Music sounded great, but the vocals were muffled to hell. We cut out about ten minutes into the show, deciding we were too tired to handle anymore. I'm sad we missed Modern Skirts, but I imagine I could see them whenever.

AthFest Friday night
At the end of the night.

High hopes for being less tired today--we've got David Dondero this afternoon, The Whigs tonight, and maybe even some drinking with friends.

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