Thursday, June 28, 2007

Pilot: Moonlight

CBS's new show only caught my eye because of Sophia Myles (the astonishingly beautiful and badass Madame de Pompadour in Doctor Who's "Girl in the Fireplace"). She's replacing the female lead, so while I didn't get to watch her in the pilot, I'm definitely anticipating some greatness. Or at least hotness.

Moonlight seems to pretty much be a straight up ripoff of Forever Knight, except with a PI-vampire-with-a-heart instead of a cop. Leaving aside any comparisons (and really, don't you have to when dealing with vampire stories?), there are a lot of elements here that push my geek-girl buttons: private investigation, noir, vampires with super strength, forbidden love, etc. Plus David Greenwalt is executive producing, which basically solidifies how this show will be Veronica Mars meets Buffy, but with a male hottie for the lead.

The pilot was really promising, even without Sophia Myles extreme gorgeousness. The story tracked, had lots of interesting background drama, and was sufficiently silly (in just the right moments) that I didn't have to take it all that seriously.

I'm definitely going to give this show a try when it debuts in September.

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