Friday, June 15, 2007

Pilot: Reaper

It's pilot season around our house, thanks to my landlord's friend out in LA. Luckily, I started out with one I liked--the CW's Reaper, about a boy whose parents sold his soul to the devil, and what happens when the devil comes to work out the arrangements. I had half a mind to boycott the CW, thanks to their ungracious cancellation of Veronica Mars. But now we know that might come back in comic book form, and besides, this new show seems like it could be pretty good.

Silly, but good, as one might expect from pilot director Kevin Smith. The plot is funny, the characters are funny, the dialogue is occasionally funny (mostly when the devil is talking), and that Tyler Labine kid is funny but could probably stand to lose the Jack Black-ish-ness and replace it with something more his own.

And the devil loves hockey, which is like the easiest way to bait my fangirl side.

I'll definitely try this series out in the fall.

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