Saturday, January 20, 2007

Book: It's Kind of a Funny Story

by Ned Vizzini (2006).

My reactions to this book ranged a great deal as I (quickly) made my way through its almost 450 pages. First my reaction was eh. Then hmm. Then thank you, Ned, for writing this, it is very comforting to know. Then yeah okay. Then yes, yes. Then (big sigh). Then, at the very end, OH.

I very much appreciate the warmth, the humor, and the steady pace of the story once it gets going. It felt to me much like how Craig, the main character, describes being in the pysch hospital. The path is set out and you just keep walking along. No surprise forks or twists (well, except for the tranny). It isn't hard to read this book. And that felt really great.


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Ned said...

Thanks a lot for saying such kind things about my book. Rock on, be strong.