Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Upcoming Events: 1.18.2007 - 1.24.2007

1.18.2007: Atlanta Thrashers vs. Montreal Canadiens. This is an OU Young Alumni thing. Cheap tickets are great, but I don't really care about seeing fellow alumni. I just want to watch some hockey. (Speaking of, I caught our victory against the L.A. Kings last night on TV. Awesome.)

1.19.2007: Adam's Apples at the High Museum of Art. Part of the High's Danish Film Festival. Skipped this to go see Children of Men.

1.20.2007: Puppet Slam at Dad's Garage. Featuring my friend Beau Brown, and probably a bunch of other totally hot puppeteers.

1.21.2007: Battlestar Galactica returns from hiatus. This means Jacob's recaps return as well, and that's the part that really excites me.

1.22.2007: Heroes returns from hiatus. Hiro hopefully finds that sword. Plus Chris Eccleston! Eventually!

1.23.2007: Veronica Mars returns from hiatus. I'm likely to pee on myself in the excitement. I might not even be able to stand after the 3-day TV trifecta of awesomeness.

1.24.2007: DMZ #15 hits the shelves. I'll probably try to score a copy of Local #7 at the same time, if it still exists. It'll be Brian Wood Day!

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