Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Ian McEwan on The Charlie Rose Show

I'm endlessly thrilled that Google Video has made all these Charlie Rose episodes available--especially his interview with Ian McEwan (about 25:00) focusing on the book Atonement, a book whose last fifty pages I nearly couldn't read because I really was crying that hard.

But I'm afraid my youthful illusions about the awesomeness of Charlie Rose have been permanently shattered. Why have I never noticed these weaknesses in his interviews? I feel guilty in the general direction of my former roommate, who got me watching Rose when I should have been doing classwork.

Anyway, watch McEwan. He responds like he can't believe the dumbness issuing out of Rose's mouth. It's great. I love you, Ian, and I forgive you for all the tepid reviews Saturday got. I'm not going to read it now, or anything, but you have redeemed yourself a bit.

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